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Get Tax Estimates for Free with Our Services

Do you want the expert experience of a tax professional without the upfront cost? We understand that many tax preparers try to charge an absurd amount up front without any guarantee they can help your tax situation. That’s why we want to provide our services at no upfront cost. With us, you get to try before you buy and there is no financial obligation to file with us. Let’s dive in to see what benefits come with our free tax estimates.

No Upfront Cost

We don’t believe in charging customers an upfront cost for our services, so when you sign up for free tax estimates, you won’t have to worry about paying before knowing what kind of help we offer. One of our agents will let you know exactly how much you will receive from your tax return and how much our prep fees are—then it’s completely up to you if you accept the offer or not; if not, then you pay nothing!

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that not everyone can pay for their taxes all up front, which is why we have super flexible payment options such as Afterpay and no out of pocket options such as bank products (have your prep fees deducted from your refund). We want everyone who uses our services to be comfortable paying us when they need to.

No Obligation to File With Us

We also understand that sometimes people just use us for free tax estimates and decide against filing with us afterwards—and that’s okay! You don’t have any financial obligation or requirement to file with us after getting free estimates from one of our agents. It is totally up to you whether or not you choose to file with us after getting the estimate.

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