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Get Your Money Faster With These 4 Tax Refund Tricks!

Tax season is here, and if you're anything like us, you can't wait to get your refund in hand. Sure, filing taxes is never fun - but getting that check in the mail or direct deposit? That's a different story! Here are four surefire ways to speed up your tax refund process and get your money faster.


Filing your tax return as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that you get your refund quickly. Not only will filing early reduce the time it takes to receive your refund, but it will also decrease the odds of criminals stealing your refund. Tax identity theft typically begins when someone steals personal information and uses it to file fake returns and pocket the refunds. Filing early will help protect you from any potential criminal activity.

Skip the Mail

Don’t file a paper return; this can take six to eight weeks for processing. File electronically instead and you’ll likely receive your refund within 21 days! This is an especially important step if you are expecting a large return and need those funds quickly. Filing electronically has many benefits, including lessening the chances of mistakes being made on paperwork or documentation being lost in transit.

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Another way to speed up your tax refund is by signing up for direct deposit when filing. This eliminates the need for snail-mail delivery of physical checks, which can take several days or even weeks longer than direct deposit refunds. Direct deposits arrive in bank accounts much quicker than physical checks, so this step will ensure that you have access to those funds right away!

Get Professional Help

Another great way to get a speedy refund is by enlisting help from a professional tax preparer or accountant who specializes in taxes and knows all of the rules regarding filing deadlines and deductions that could maximize accuracy and decrease the risk of an audit that could hold up your return even further. Our team of registered tax professionals can help make sure all of your paperwork is filled out correctly and answer any questions you might have along the way. Plus, our expertise often results in a larger return due to our knowledge of deductions or credits! Sign up below for a quick easy accurate and FREE Tax Return Estimate. Click Here to Register

Getting a tax refund can be exciting, but waiting for it can seem like forever! Luckily, these four steps outlined above should help speed up the process so that you don't have to wait too long before seeing those extra funds hit your bank account. So make sure you file early, skip paper returns, sign up for direct deposit, and consider getting professional help if needed - these are all excellent ways of ensuring that you receive your tax refund sooner rather than later!

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