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Karmen Myles

Hi, I'm Karmen Myles, your dedicated bookkeeper and tax preparation guide at SFG Tax and Business Solutions. My mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses, families, and individuals with comprehensive bookkeeping and insightful tax strategies.

I believe that a strong financial foundation is key to success, which is why I'm passionate about delivering services that not only meet but exceed your bookkeeping needs. With a focus on affordable and effective solutions, I aim to transform your financial processes into a seamless and stress-free experience. Let's work together to achieve your financial goals and elevate your business to new heights.

1040 Tax Return Preparation:

Tailored for individuals seeking meticulous and strategic tax handling, our services ensure accuracy, compliance, and maximization of tax benefits. Ideal for professionals who value financial foresight and precision.

Individual Tax Services

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Detailed Preparation and Filing Options

  • 1040 Individual Tax Return Preparation

    • Preparation and Filing (E-file or File by Mail) of all Filing Statuses including:

      • Single, Married

      • Married Filing Separately

      • Head of Household.

  • Our Team Of IRS Registered Tax Agents Provide ​

    • ​Expert Tax Navigation 

      • ​Our IRS Registered Tax Agents are experts in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of tax laws. With credentials from the latest tax law education programs, they are adept at staying ahead of changes and complexities.

    • Maximized Tax Savings 

      • Their proactive approach in understanding tax regulations means you benefit from every available credit and deduction, ensuring your tax strategy is both compliant and optimized for maximum benefit.

Business Tax Services 

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Tailored Tax Strategies for Every Enterprise:

​Catering to both full-time businesses and part-time entrepreneurs, our service covers a wide range of business structures. From Single Member LLCs and Sole Proprietors too complex corporate entities, we tailor our tax strategies​ to suit each business's unique needs.

Individual Business Tax Prep

  • Schedule C Tax Prep:

    • Tailored for Single Member LLCs, Sole Proprietors, and 1099 Contractors, ensuring every piece of business income and deduction is accurately reported.

  • Schedule E Tax Prep:

    • Specialized for rental property owners, verifying all rental income and maximizing property-related deductions.

Corporate Business Tax Return 

  • 1065 (Partnership ,Multi-Member LLC)

  • 1120s (S- Corp} 

    • For Partnerships and S-Corps, we handle comprehensive income verification, payroll, and compensation reporting, ensuring each Partner or Shareholder's financials are meticulously prepared, including K-1 forms.

S-Corp Election Filing:

  • We guide and file the necessary paperwork for electing S-Corp status, ensuring compliance and strategic tax positioning.


We draft and file the necessary forms and information for to request taxation as an S-Corp, while also providing guidance for future tax compliance and filing obligations. 

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Your Tax Journey Simplified

Start to Finish

Embark on a seamless tax preparation adventure with SFG Tax & Business Solutions. This is the roadmap to not just meeting tax obligations but discovering potential savings and strategies for your business's growth. From initial registration to the joy of a completed return, we ensure transparency, accuracy, and ease at every turn.Let's get started on a path to clear tax solutions together.

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